Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An event, a plan and a few Random Threads

An event

Do you need an excuse to pop into San Francisco in June?

launch_buttonBritex Fabrics, the 4-story destination store for all things sewing and fabric is opening a workshop space on their 4th floor. To celebrate they are holding an Launch Party on June 28, 1-5pm.

I will be speaking at this event along with a few of my fellow Bay Area sewing bloggers. Mark your calendar and come on by! I would love to meet you so please be sure to introduce yourself :)

Britex Launch Party 
June 28, 1-5 pm

A Plan

How does that saying go? Compliments will get you everywhere. Many readers have left such nice comments on my projects and a few requests regarding sewing a tailored jacket - so I have decided to do another one, step by step, and write about it. Warning, this will not be a tutorial, or a sew-along. Just me sewing up a blazer jacket and trying to document the steps as I go, in a more complete fashion than I have done in the past. 

Choosing the pattern to make has led me all over the place, rummaging through my file drawer, looking online at way too many options and I narrowed it down to a few things. This Burda pattern is something I have been looking at for months now, and I was this close to buying the PDF download but decided against it. If you click over to see it they actually show it in 3 different versions/fabrics.

Burda jacket possibility
The fact that it has a high button/short lapel style is what decided me against. I like a single button or 2 button jacket with a longer lapel. And I thought don't be ridiculous, you have perfectly good patterns in the drawer that fit already! So then the choice was between two patterns which I have both made twice. This Simplicity or this Vogue.  The winner is this one, mostly because it has nice lapels. Also I want to do a welt pocket (which I could have done on the Burda).  Funny that both of these pattern photos I have included here are shown in yellow - I don't think I have ever made anything in yellow. Not at all my color for clothes although I love it in home dec.

V2853AK suit

For the fabric - a light color that will photograph easily (I hope). It is a grey/white seersucker which is intended to be a very good neutral, lightweight jacket for spring and summer. The red selvedge gave me an idea for some trim or accent so I found the remaining yardage from my Jacket Express and that may possibly make an appearance on the collar. To be determined...

Seersucker fabric

A few Random Threads

Made By Me May:  I admire (sort of) anyone who has the discipline to do something like that but I couldn't do it. Just like I could never do a ready-to-wear fast. There is something about going into a store or a few clicks and then magically having some jeans. No cutting out, sewing, fitting. Just a hem - which goes without saying for my 5'3" self...

New Craftsy Post:  My latest post on the Craftsy Sewing Blog is all about Sewing Princess Seams. Anytime someone asks me about fitting and what they should make - my suggestion is try princess seams, the stitcher's best friend.

Memorial day weekend is approaching, we expect lots of sunshine and the beginning of summer - the very best time of the year. OK, not summer yet but as good as around here.


Today's SunnyGal garden photo, keeping with the yellow theme is this rose that starts out vibrant with a tinge of pink and fades to a pale shade. 

Yellow rose 2014


  1. So glad you are going to document your sewing of the jacket. I am 100% sure that I will learn from it, even if it isn't a full-fledged tutorial or sew along. Your work is always impeccable! Any idea when you will begin?

  2. Looking forward to following your progress on this Beth and learning lots!

  3. This is kinda random...but just wanted to say that you look way taller than 5'3" in your photos!! I mean that as a compliment btw - you must have much better posture than the rest of us :)

  4. Such lovely roses - you make me want to move to the East Bay! I hope to make it to the Britex event, but working in the city every day means that I usually have a hard time forcing myself to go in on the weekends...