Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Member in Focus on Pattern Review.com

Hi everyone, and thanks for the encouragement on my last post, also known as the cute top that will never get worn. Actually I have decided to somehow change it to a sleeveless top which I will find way more wearable.

I have been on a stash-busting, repeat-pattern and get things sewn before autumn sets in binge lately. Like I need anything but I have happily cleared out a few fabrics that were on the top of the spare room dresser for ages. That is the spot where they go when I am not putting them away but planning to use. A couple of these have been there a while. But now are sewn up and even worn already.

In other news, I am the Member in Focus on PatternReview.com this month so if you are interested in reading the interview click the image below. I was kind of surprised they asked me so I looked through the previous ones and saw a few of my friends there - people I have now met in person but first got to know via their pattern reviews such as Laura Mae and Kyle. A couple of other interviews I saw are with people who I have not yet met  - but they feel like friends who happen to live very far away, and they are Sewmanju and Carrie. Those two are always seem to make a Vogue pattern that I am just thinking about, so thank you! To me that's the really great feature of Pattern Review, to be able to put in any pattern name or number and see how its been sewn, the fabric, etc. I don't participate in anything else on the site but the reviews are invaluable.

It seems strange to do a picture-less post so here is a sneak peek at something that will appear on the Craftsy blog next week and I will also write about it here. Which also used stash fabrics, yay!  Room for more patterns!  No just kidding. I have actually become something of a minimalist when it comes to buying new patterns. My little exercise in sewing repeats has been illuminating in that regard. And I have always said there are no new patterns, repeat, no new patterns.  OK, enough about that. 

Color block Side seam view

So if you want to read about how I learned to sew and my opinions about vintage Singer machines (like I haven't already jabbered on that topic) click over to Pattern Review and take a look.

Happy summer sewing, Beth


  1. Congrats!!! I'll be sure to check it out.

    Now, how do you get your seams to line up so well?? Seems like when I work really hard at it it's off by a couple mm and when I pay no attention it's almost a perfect match. Of course :)

  2. Congratulation and I will be sure to read. I understand about clearing the stash and patterns. I too have changed the way I purchase pattern so I made sure I have a good pant and skirt pattern and go from there.

  3. Congrats Beth on being featured and it is great we can both encourage and learn from each other (although I think I learn an awful lot more from you!)

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the MIF club!
    I like the direction your dress is heading!!!

  5. Congrats on the MIF!

  6. Congrats on being a member in focus on PR. The reviews really are so helpful!

  7. I can't wait to see the full reveal of that color-blocked dress (I'm guessing!) and congratulations on the MIF! They chose wisely!

  8. I can't wait to see the full reveal of that color-blocked dress (I'm guessing!) and congratulations on the MIF! They chose wisely!

  9. Oh I can't wait to read your interview!!