Friday, August 15, 2014

Simplicity 1462 Blouse in coral eyelet

With this pattern I have strayed from my summer plan to sew all kinds of pattern repeats, and what did it get me? Not a very high level of satisfaction.  Which might seem odd as it appears to be a very lovely top. OK maybe I am being a bit harsh, the color is so nice and that part I really like. But woven tops and me - not a match.

eyelet top shorts on me

Here is the pattern envelope so you can see what I was working with. Kind of cute, and I like the seaming (or so I thought) and the little opening at the neckline. Plus sleeve variations, I am a sucker for sleeve variations. 

S1462 pattern env

The only other version of this pattern that I have seen is this one by Petty Grievances, using her Blue Cranes of Doom fabric (please check it out, she is fab and one of my favs!) ............are you back?  Did you add her to your blog list? She and Mrs. Mole of Fit for a Queen are by far the most observant, funny, and entertaining of any sewing blog writers.  
Anyway, I had this coral eyelet fabric which I think was one of those add something to the cart to get free shipping. But I only bought one yard (60" wide) What did I think I would make? And a plain tank top or woven tee is just not my style. One day I pulled out this pattern and figured that I could squeeze it onto the yard. No problems there, but I think I either over-fitted it in the shoulders or I am just not used to wearing non-knit tops that are very close fitting. If it was sleeveless it would probably be fine and I am this close to chopping off the sleeves. Which are a bit restricting even though they are not at all tight. A friend said "no, don't, they are cute with the little pleat" but I said "they are bugging the &*%# out of me and I will never wear it"

eyelet top closeup

And more complaining. The neck is kind of high in the front, so when I am not standing up straight, which is basically all the time, being relaxed or even just sitting in a chair, it kind of bunches up in a weird way I don't like. Plus the big holes in the eyelet made is slightly difficult to sew that neck band. Don't look too closely! the center front where they meet is all kinds of wonky. 

                   eyelet top on formeyelet top back

There is a lot of seaming, princess seams and then raglan sleeves so maybe this was not the best choice of fabric but I do love the color and the fabric. This sneaky pattern even has a side seam zipper. Too much work for a simple top.
Wow I sound like a big complainer and I realize it is not bad, just not to my liking.

eyelet top closeup2

But strangely I predict that I will make this pattern again, maybe in a stretch charmeuse and long sleeves for other seasons. So there is something about it that I like buried under all my gripes.

This summer I decided to try out a few of the independent patterns, something I rarely do but time for some variety. So in the first photo above I am wearing the Maritime shorts from Grainline which I will write about in my next post. Oh, I have SO many thoughts about patterns, pattern companies, variety, newness, sameness, sizing, originality, repetition, pricing, fit, and on and on.  

Onward this weekend with some serious relaxation and pool time, it's going to be a hot one. And a few sewing projects, including making a pair of shorts for a family member who said "oh here, can you copy these and make me a new pair and I need them in a week or so" Yeah, that's the kind of deep appreciation I get around here:)

Whew, I am in some kind of mood today, huh?   Must be the heat.

Happy summer sewing with whatever pattern you choose, I hope its a good one!
and now time for some ice cream.

Here's a super summery flower from the SunnyGal garden today. 

daisy 1


  1. Love the colour of this top and hear you about restricting sleeves. Such a pity though as it looks very summery.

  2. I agree this looks cute...but if your not comfy then you'll never wear it. I have also just finished a similar woven top...will post soon...and I was dubious, but I found it actually quite comfortable.

  3. It looks fine, but I agree with the commenter above, of course if it doesn't feel good you aren't going to wear it - so maybe it's worth chopping the sleeves off?

    I'm very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on independent patterns - I've been consciously trying some indie brands this year too, with mixed results...

  4. It is cute! I ran out and bought this one after seeing the Cranes of Doom version then looked at all that seaming and the zipper and will probably never sew it :/

    Cute shorts!

  5. I've come to learn that woven tops are not my friends. Too used to the freedom and comfort of knits! I have a few wovens I wear, but very few.

  6. I can definitely see your attraction to the pattern--despite also not liking woven tops, I feel compelled to buy it! Your version *looks* beautiful, so it's too bad it doesn't feel as good on!

  7. I am not exactly Popeye, but I felt very restricted in mine- like I would bust free if I reached for another cookie....and you know I will!

  8. That looks Great on you!
    ...but I bought the exact same fabric and when it arrived it was a super-loud Hot Pink - not coral at all. I just couldn't wear that color and ended up getting rid of it. Maybe mine came from a weird dye lot, or something. It was one of those disappointing online fabric purchases. I sure do miss having a lot of good brick and mortar fabric stores like there used to be.

  9. This may be one of those patterns that the designer had no idea that woman bend and stretch and need room for motion since they do design on industrial "perfect posture" mannequins. That fabric is fighting you too...when do we ever learn to work WITH the fabric and not AGAINST it. I have had stiff woven fabric like that and tried different things when all the while it was shouting back at me, "I'm a table runner, I'm a placemat, I'm a valance...knock it off...I'm not curving or draping for you or anybody else". Then we go ahead and do it anyway and it grabs us in all the wrong places. The color, the color sweeps us away and we have to smile and stand up straight and accept compliments like a bag of M & M's wishing they were the peanut variety and getting the plain. I had a teacher once who said when the pattern suggested fabrics says "Crisp or soft fabrics" on the back of the envelope it was a poorly designed and poorly thought out pattern...40 years later it holds true. As far as relatives who think you can crank out garment copies....send them to where they bought the item and tell them hurry before their shorts go on the sale rack to make room for the Fall collections.

  10. I have a totally selfish comment to make...thank you for all kinds of wonkiness on that front band. It's nice to know that someone of your sewing caliber can end up with some wonkiness too! Otherwise I think it's a cute top but it's all in the wearing and if it doesn't work or feel right I totally understand that.

  11. Aw, it's too bad you're not comfortable in this top! Woven tops are not so common anymore, and this is such a nice one. The pattern has good lines, I can see what drew you to it. Anyway, I hope you put this make in your closet for a day when you're feeling more adventurous -- you might feel differently about it then.

    And wow, you are a saint! A copy of shorts in a week? Granted, it's doable, but what a request!

  12. Oh, it's such a cute little top! I love this style, and this colour on you too! I'm sure your next version you'll fix up all the little grievances and it will be perfect. I think it looks just the thing for a hot summer's day, where knit Tshirts are too hot :)

  13. The fabric and color are really wonderful. I think the stretch charmeuse would be beautiful if you decide to make it again. I do not like the warm weather we've been having -- I'm working on a cape and it has not been fun wrestling with yards of wool coating in this heat. My sewing room feels like a sweat shop!

  14. I'm much the same when it comes to woven tees - ambivalent. Not that I've actually sewn one - I just presume they won't work based on my shape. But this one has enough lovely seaming details that it has potential! It certainly does look lovely in the photos. But, if it doesn't wear well in this fabric... there's your verdict then!

  15. I hope you write future posts on all your thoughts regarding patterns, pattern companies, variety..... I like this pattern. I do the love the ease of knits.

  16. Pretty color!! Thank you for introducing me to pretty grievances blog, super funny! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts about independent companies (for real! Even though I don't use them that much I am obsessed about them, and how we could make the home sewing pattern industry move forward)!!

  17. It is cute, but if it doesn't feel right, off with it!

  18. I like it-I like the sleeves with the pleat, and love the neckline (even if you did end up with wonky there). The fabric is gorgeous and I would have fallen for it too. It is far more casual than your usual sewing and probably that adds to your displeasure. Maybe try the pattern with a rayon blend?