Thursday, November 17, 2016

Catching up on my Craftsy posts with fitting and quick sewing tips

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? Somehow once Labor Day is past the year seems to fly by. Which is fine with me - onward to spring! But I will admit, there was a distinct chill yesterday and I thought  - oh good - I can wear some of my coats:) The things you focus on when you have a handmade wardrobe, right?

I am working on some Pattern Whisperer posts so stay tuned next week for something in that category. In a different category, I had a couple of new posts on the Craftsy Sewing blog that may be of interest. Links to the posts are above the photos. 

A topic that is always popular - fitting.

Craftsy Sewing Blog: How to Fit on the Fly

Fit on the fly post

And another post that published yesterday, how to make a party dress quickly. You may know my attitude toward some party or formal clothes - instead of treating them as precious garments with every detail inside and out stitched to perfection, I actually think party clothes are one step up from costumes. In that they are slightly ephemeral - often a style or trend that will evaporate - and usually made for limited wear.

Craftsy Sewing Blog: Party Dress Shortcuts, How to Make an Elegant Dress in a Hurry

quick party dress

Anyone agree with my philosophy on sewing formal clothes?

Happy Sewing, Beth


  1. Some good ideas in the party dress post. Thanks!

  2. Loved the party dress post and yes, I do agree with your thoughts. Even if you really love it, chances are you couldn't wear it again for a couple of years because the same people would see you:)

  3. I love this discover look, I've been following this for a while now, I wondered for a while what the style was called :)
    Thank you for posting this.

  4. I never thought of party clothes that way, but you are right! One step up from costumes! On the costume note, I made my son-in-law a ninja costume for Halloween. My husband would hear me agonizing over a tiny imperfection and remind me it was "just a costume." Multiple times. My daughter has reported that SIL is wearing the costume for fun on a regular basis, so that particular costume may be a step up from party clothes! :-)

  5. Great tips Beth, thanks for sharing! I am sure I'll use them both! I, like you, think of year end as being that much closer to spring/summer too!

  6. Thanks Beth! This will come in handy as I am starting on a dress for my daughter's Christmas dance party.

  7. The advice you gave me back when I was making my first opera ball gown has stuck with me and transformed my thinking about both formal clothes and costumes. Going quickly makes the whole process more fun--it's like I allow myself to sew in ways I would never on a nice piece of fabric for an everyday garment. It's all just for fun!