Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Border print silk top in jewel tones, New Look 6677

Some things you make and you just know they will be in heavy rotation in your wardrobe. That is the case with this silk tunic top - it has become my favorite item sewn this year. I predict my family and friends will start asking me if I have anything else to wear. But I don't care! I absolutely love it.

silk tunic autumn leaves

To make it even sweeter - a very nice friend actually gave me this fabric. Which is a gorgeous heavy silk, with a slightly sueded texture, and a border print too. The same person that gave me the green wool fabric which I just used in the green coat as well as in the tri-color coat. As she mentioned when she asked if I wanted this trove of fabrics "I just want them to go to someone who will enjoy them" which turned out to be the understatement of the year. As evidenced by my smile - fabric love on all counts.

This silk piece was about 2 yards and as I mentioned it had a border, only on one selvedge. So I did ponder a while what to do with it and I was really thinking about making a simple dress but then after my successful run of tops this summer I realized I would be able to wear it so much more as a top.

purple silk top on form 2

As for the pattern - a perfect combination with my year-to-date favorite pattern which is New Look 6677, unfortunately discontinued. For some reason the shape of the top and the way the neck placket and collar are designed fit me perfectly. Although I have only made the tunic version - the other top with the waistband is not my style at all. However a pattern with multiple views - got to give them credit on that score. Most New Look patterns have multiple views or even multiple garments plus all sizes in one envelope - a nice value.

New Look 6677 pattern env

I have sewed this pattern several times since I found it in a stack of patterns my friend Alice gave me early this past summer. Here is an eyelet version for her, and then a silk version for me. And I must be fickle because in the silk version post I said that was my favorite garment for the year - now surpassed by it's long sleeve version :)

A look at the collar and placket. The colors in this top are so perfect for me, saturated jewel tones.

purple silk top neckline2

The pattern instructs you to topstitch on the placket in rows, which I was not sold on but tried it out anyway on the coral/white silk version. I thought it might give the placket some more substance (on top of the interfacing which it has) and I really liked the effect so I did it again here as well.

purple silk top placket closeup

Back view. If I had one slight regret on this top is that the border print has one dominant dark purple rectangle, and as you can see I happened to place that right in the center of the back and the front. I don't think it is particularly noticeable in real life but it kind of jumps out in the photos.

purple silk top back

I carefully planned the length before cutting out as I decided I didn't want any hem, just to use the edge of the fabric. Which worked out, whew!

purple silk top side vent

The color in this picture is a little strange, I lightened it up a bit but perhaps all the different shades of green are doing weird things to the overall hue. That is my way too big hydrangea behind me - which is still very green and has a few new blooms. In front of me on the right is the big gardenia which is covered with flowers - so strange for November! Plus a random pink azalea bloom to my left. The garden is very confused this year.

Silk top on porch4

I'm also wearing this top in these pics which we took at Metro Textiles in New York, you can see that post here. 

Next up in my sewing queue is to start in on some of the fabrics I brought back from New York, and actually I think the first item will be the camel color cashmere that Alice bought at Metro Textile. Destined to be a long vest. Plus I have an unnecessary Burda dress almost completed that is a very cute pattern so I will post that soon. It actually will get worn in December because it is a slightly holiday color and then a few knit top ideas are bouncing around.

Time to start thinking about gift sewing - if I do any of that this year!

Although you can see plenty of fallen leaves in these pictures - it is still the never-ending summer here, I pulled weeds today wearing shorts! So weird.

Happy November sewing,

One last bloom from the garden and then it might be the end for flowers for a while. A dahlia which didn't give many flowers. I just pulled up all the dahlia tubers and stuck them in a paper bag and stored them away in the garage. I think that is commonly done in other locations where the ground freezes but it is very helpful here as when it does rain the ground gets really soggy and then they rot. I have stored them this way over the winter previously and it works really well. 



  1. Gorgeous tunic--wonderful colors, fabric, and style. I can see why it will be a favorite.

  2. The tunic is gorgeous! The colour is really beautiful.

  3. Lovely tunic Beth! I like the prominent purple motif centered around the front placket and center back. Placed anywhere else it would have looked strange. Karen

  4. Oh what lovely fabric. Swoon!

    I love the stand out purple areas!!

  5. I agree with the others - lovely fabric!

  6. It's just a beautiful combination of fabric, pattern choice, and construction techniques - Lovely!

  7. It is lovely! Do you have to dry clean the silk tunic. I would love the luxury but I am not sure it would fit into my life. (Retired)

  8. No wonder you love it, it's the perfect top! Beautiful fabric, beautiful cut. The purple rectangle doesn't even bother me in dress form photos, I think it looks great all around!

  9. This is pure gorgeousness!!! Love the fit, love the fabric, love the border print. I need to get cracking on some winter tops. I do love to make dresses but you are right, tops get worn way more.

  10. Your garden and tunic look lovely. I didn't notice the rectangle until you pointed it out.

    It was 90F yesterday (by the beach!) in LA.

  11. I love the first version of this top, but this one is even better. The colors are very flattering. I like the purple square in the center. It's so dominant I think it would look off anywhere else. Your garden is lovely; mine is covered in fall leaves that need to get blown off, but there are still so many left to fall. Yes, we do have to dig up dahlias since they aren't hardy here.

  12. This is exactly my kind of fabric and I can see why you plan on wearing this so much!

  13. Wow, this is absolutely lovely! I really love the fabric and how you described it as a bit "suede-y" how gorgeous! Id wear this style of tunic a lot too. You look terrific in it!

  14. This is a beautiful top Ms. Beth! I love the colors and the special way you worked with the border...nice!! I used to have a "sueded silk" top many years ago (RTW) and loved it! Have not seen a lot of sueded silk around lately, so what a score!!

  15. Lovely result. Those straight lines were going to be challenging no matter what. You worked with it, so it didn't work against you! I have a few pieces of paisley silk bought on a trip to India many years ago, and the colors are the same but the print is much smaller and more uniform. I will probably give in to the siren call of the tunic, as that style will be the most wearable for my life at this point, but I am thinking a color block on the collar might be in order to control the riot of color. Plus jewel tones don't look especially good on me, but I am not going to let that stop me!

  16. I was wondering about this top when i met you at Wine and Cheese With Kashi. Beautiful job!

  17. I have wanted to make a tonic for a while Beth. You have just inspired me.
    I would like to make it with a silk cotton voile from Mood Fabric.
    Do you think I will need to line it?

    1. Hi knit knit - I don't think that fabric would need a lining, even though it is very lightweight. Perhaps a camisole underneath if it is too sheer.

  18. WOW! What a gorgeous tunic! I absolutely love everything! It looks great on you. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I have liked your versions of this pattern so much that I have been searching for a similar pattern and found one today in Burda 6633. I just have to add a mandarin collar to the neckline which should be fairly simple. Looking forward to making this a tried-and-true pattern. Thanks for the inspirations.