Monday, December 31, 2018

Burda 6630 knit t-shirt with bonus sparkles

Happy New Year! This morning I read a number of year end wrap up posts. I really enjoy reading those as they remind me of all the great sewing I've seen and of course all the patterns I want to try. As usual lately with both my sewing and blogging I have a wrap up post planned, so perhaps I'll get to that next weekend.
For my last item of 2018, a bit of sparkle and a very quick and easy knit top using fabric that I believe has been aging in my fabric stash for quite a while. Well about 5 years - so for me that is quite a while.

Teal top 2

The front of this knit top is 2 layers, as I wanted the sheer bit over the shoulders but wanted it to be opaque in the body part. The plain fabric is a nice thick jersey fabric. Despite knowing that both fabrics have been paired up in my stash for a while, I'm not at all sure where I bought them. The sparkly fabric is 60" wide and I seem to have bought a lot but it had a big flaw across part of it so perhaps I bought 1 yard with no particular idea in mine and they gave me extra. Somehow I think I got the plain knit from the remnant shelf at Stone Mountain. I always find nice knit fabrics in their remnant bin and now that I have several knit top patterns that can use multiple fabrics I find that a something like a 3/4 yard piece potentially useful.

Teal knit top front

I wasn't sure where I would hem this top and cut the sparkly overlay front piece about 1/2" longer than the plain piece underneath. Once I sewed it up it seemed to be fine as a raw edge so no hem anywhere. Score for quick sewing!

Teal knit top side view

Teal knit top 1

teal knit top close up fabric

The mesh has a nice amount of sheerness but not too much. I just sewed the whole thing with a regular size 80 needle, and paid no attention to the sparkles with are presumably tiny plastic dots that made no difference to the stitching. I was careful with pressing, using a press cloth as I don't want melted plastic sparkles on my iron.

Teal knit top back view

More ironing needed, apparently :)  of that crease on the back and the sleeve.

Burda 6630 envelope

Here's the pattern envelope - I really like the short sleeve version and I think this pattern will be used again when summer arrives. I sewed a 38 which is my usual size in Burda, grading out at the hips.
I do think it is a bit short over the shoulder, like the raglan shoulder piece could be longer, look at the sleeves in that photo above where I'm standing in front of the tree, when I wear it there are some slight drag lines on the sleeves making it look like there needs to be a bit more length where the shoulder piece meets the sleeve piece. But I have a different Burda raglan knit top pattern that fits well so I'm not entirely sure. In the white version on the right on the envelope the same lines are on her sleeve.

So that's it for my 2018 sewing blog posts - but not the last item I have sewed this year. I just finished a quilted vest and am about to start another pair of Ash jeans. Our jeans class is on the calendar at Hello Stitch for Jan 26-2. The weekend seminar classes are really fun. It's a great way to spend time doing what you enjoy and being with other sewing obsessed people, lunches are included and the studio  has their nice sergers etc. set up so you can really zip along on your jeans construction.

Time to dash - it's New Year's Eve. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2019!

Teal knit top 3

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year,

instead of a garden photo I will include this one of me and my friend Halyna (who has just begun learning to sew this year and is already creating a fantastic handmade wardrobe, she is @zigzagstitching on Instagram). We were taking pictures and a nice man insisted on taking our picture together. And admittedly it sounds a but nutty when you try to explain to people we all about photographing the clothes :) However I'm glad he did.

Teal top and H


  1. Happy New Year Beth! I love your sparkling top!!

  2. Aww how fun!

    I love this top and also think that sometimes, a raw hem just works!

  3. That looks like a great pattern to have in the collection - so versatile! This version is perfect for the holidays and beyond, how lucky to find such well coordinating fabrics too.