Saturday, December 29, 2018

Simplicity 1779 bow blouse in red checkerboard silk

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to sew all my red fabrics. The weather can be a bit gloomy, and red is such a lively color. Perhaps seeing the Christmas decorations everywhere makes me want to decorate myself in a bit of holiday color. Although the shade of red in this one is not quite as perfect holiday red as my plaid dress, but I have a feeling I will wear this one more often.

red bow blouse close up2

I bought this fabric at the American Sewing Guild stash sale back in October. Maybe $ 5.00 for a bit more than 2 yards. It wasn't identified as to fiber content, so I did a little burn test with this and also a piece of silk and the results seemed the same so I will call it silk. It feels and presses like silk and not a polyester.

Red silk bow blouse on form front

And yes, another fabric the required a bit of pattern matching. I'm not sure it actually matters with a large pattern like this, the important thing though is to cut it on 100% on the straight grain so the lines are not leaning one way or the other.

It was a gloomy rainy day when I took these pictures but the blouse certainly stands out.

red tie blouse

Simplicity 1779 pattern envelope

Here's the pattern photo and drawing. I made Version C. This pattern is quite easy and method for making the bow part and the button placket turn out really well. I used this pattern a few months ago when I sewed a blouse and skirt for someone else. That version is in a very luxurious silk and worth taking a look.

back view bow blouse

red bow blouse untied

Red bow blouse cuff buttons

You can see above that I put some plain red buttons on the placket, as they don't really show. One day when I was standing in line at the cutting counter at Joann's there was a bin of clearance buttons, so I found 4 of these red buttons with the little rhinestone in the middle. Just enough for the cuffs. Maybe kind of silly looking but I though the centers echoed the white dots in the fabric.

red silk tie blouse with skirt

So that's my 2nd very economical item sewn with fabric purchased at a stash sale. I love the challenge of finding bargain pieces of fabric and turning them into garments that I wear. In fact I have a dress in mind using some fabric I got for free at Hello Stitch a few months ago. It's not a very practical design but free, right? It's worth it to stretch my style when the cost is nothing.

And up next, I'm sewing some more jeans in anticipation of teaching a Jeans Sewing Class at Hello Stitch, that's scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 26-27. On the listing it mentions the Ash Jean pattern from Megan Nielsen, which I have used to great success (will blog soon) but if you already own a jeans pattern such as the Ginger jeans or the Ames jeans then feel free to use that one.

Also upcoming is a quilted jacket class in late February (over 2 weeks to give you plenty of time for the quilting) and then Fitting classes, more Lander pants, Garment Copying, Wrap dress class, and a 2 versions of a multi-week class for either new stitchers or more intermediate level. All the classes are listed on the Garment Sewing Class page at the Hello Stitch website.

I have at least one more blog post planned for this year, as I just sewed something both casual and sparkly that got rave reviews when I posted a peek in Instagram. Plus I want to do a year in review.
Up next, I have SO many things on my to-do list, including an unnecessary coat that will use up some wool scraps, another silk blouse, and then I saw Meg's Sew Twists and Ties sewing challenge  which I will be unable to resist as I love a good twisty design. And I have a few Vogue Donna Karan patterns that I've never had a reason to make but this will be it.

Happy year end sewing, Beth

today's garden photo, from way back in August. My very best rose bush which must be 30 plus years old, far predates me at this house.  It gives out the most beautiful velvety red roses. Once the heat sets in here around July - August they fade a bit but do stay on the stems for a good few weeks.



  1. I love the blouse . It is so pretty.

  2. Very nice blouse, classy yet trendy! Great job & you look lovely. I can almost smell those beautiful roses!

  3. It's a beautiful blouse and I love those red buttons with the rhinestones! Have a happy and healthy New Year.

  4. And you do suit red....wear this blouse often - it's perfect.

  5. Killer buttons and a gorgeous blouse! You really got a bargain in the fabric sale...WOW! Lovely matching of the squares too!

  6. What a pretty blouse. I love turning bargain fabric into something special, feels like your labour adds a lot of extra value I suppose. Looking forward to seeing your Donna Karan dresses!

  7. I too am a big fan of remnants, and squeezing a great wearable piece out of them. You certainly made the most of this lovely fabric. Do you think the original owner is glad? I think so if they by chance have seen it!

  8. such a lovely blouse and i love the color and print you chose!

  9. Gorgeous blouse!! And I think I have that pattern stashed away somewhere . . . may have to add that to the to-do list.