Sunday, April 19, 2020

Part 2: Boucle Jacket with statement sleeves, completed

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to say in a blog post - but the current situation makes any previous writer's block seem so trivial. I hope everyone is doing well and getting through this crisis with family, health and jobs intact. Focusing on something like sewing might seem less than useful but as we've seen on thousands of IG posts and on news stories, sewing is a valuable skill that is more than just a fun pastime but actually a critical activity.
I think it's something that also helps to keep the mind occupied - who ever thought we would in this stay-at-home situation. But that fabric and pattern stash is looking good right now, isn't it?

This morning I did a virtual class and it was really fun! It was an abbreviated version of my How to Read a Pattern class that I teach at the studio and then some good Q&A time. I think that's a nice advantage of doing the live classes - it gives the opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real time, as opposed to perhaps leaving a DM or an email.  The back and forth conversation is something we all need more of right now!  I'm going to do it again this upcoming Thursday (4/23 10:30am PST). To add to the challenge next Sunday (4/26) I'm going to do a virtual class on pattern fitting, "Quick Quarantine Fit Tips" because sometimes it's nice to make a quick and easy adjustment to make a pattern fit better, be wearable and comfortable. Plus time for Q&A then as well. Sign up here on the Hello Stitch website.  I'm also available for private lessons to help with fit or answer any other questions such as how to decipher the pattern instructions  - you can book that on the same webpage or email me to arrange.

And now for some finished garment photos.

Pink jacket 4

My last post was more on the construction details of this boucle jacket which perfectly complements  the flowering pink jasmine on the back fence. If only you could smell that fragrance, it is heavenly.

Burda pink jacket with jasmine

Somebody is going to need a haircut soon :)  although since I took these photos I've given myself about a 1/4" trim.  This jacket is surprisingly comfortable to wear, very soft and the sleeves are roomy and the full cuffs don't bother me as they are short. Although I can only say that having worn it around the garden for 10 minutes so who knows in the real world.

Now a series of dress form pictures so you can see it a little better.

Pink jacket front on form

Rummaging in my lining bin came up with quite a few good chunks of lining that I could use for the various lining pattern pieces. I have no qualms about mixing colors of lining - and yet I really don't like printed or novelty fabric linings. We all have our little quirks, right?

Pink jacket on form inside out front

The sleeve cuff lining is a scrap leftover from a dress I made for Heather, and then the pale pink was  just found in the bin. I think the pale color goes well in the front, as it complements the boucle the best and won't be jarring if it peeks out when the jacket is not snapped in the front.

Burda pink jacket back view

The belt detail really add some interest to the back of the jacket and I'm glad I didn't omit it.

Pink jacket on from back view

Pink jacket inside out back view on form

The jarring element in this lining mishmash is the back, which is the last remaining scrap of this hot pink satin lining. It's the same lining I used in my recently made red coat.

Just to review, this pattern is No. 118 from Burda December 2017. In my previous post I wrote about some of the sewing and construction details, including painting the snaps to match.

Burda jacket illustration Dec 2017 118

It doesn't really merit it's own post but I made a knit top to wear with this jacket and you can see I have it on in the photos. I've made this pattern several times before, this is the first long sleeved version. It's an envelope pattern, Burda 6329. I absolutely love this knit top pattern. Here's the post on my first version.  I found this purple orchid color at Stone Mountain the day before all stores were shut down.

Pink raglan t-shirt front and back

So that's the latest on my boucle jacket, I still have loads of this fabric and think about what else I can use it for. But I'm in no rush to return to it.

Up next, I sewed up a vintage pattern that I've been longing to do, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. So that will be my next post, and then I will show you what else is in progress. Which I may have mentioned here? or on Instagram, it's my wacky suit which is turning out well also. Lest you think I never have some serious failures, I've collected a couple from this last year and will do a post on the things that have gone into the bin or the deep recesses of the closet. We all have those, right?

Boucle jacket 5

Happy Sewing and Stay well!

Today's garden photo, these tulips continue to surprise me. Each year I buy a different bag and keep chucking them into that same island, so what blooms any year is a grab bag of color. 

Stripe white magenta tulip


  1. Your jacket looks great, Beth! I'm so glad you are doing the virtual classes. I may want to join you in one. I will keep my eye on them. Sewing is helping my mental health right now during these difficult times. I like seeing your blog posts, thank you!

  2. Beautiful jacket, Beth. I so agree with Natasha that sewing helps my mental health while watching the news has the opposite affect. Karen

  3. Lovely jacket, and I especially like the back view. That belt is key! So glad you left it in.

    Funny, when I started to read this post, my first thought was, I wish Beth had a few...mmm...less than stellar results she could talk about.

    You are so right - we all have our quirks about what is fine to not be finicky about, and what we absolutely draw the line on.

  4. This jacket is so cute! I love the sleeves and the fit.

  5. The belt really works, but my goodness those wonderful sleeves! So interesting.


  6. That is a particularly gorgeous boucle, and I love how this jacket looks, especially the back view! The band across the waist is a lovely detail, and the sleeves are super fun :)