Sunday, July 19, 2020

Finale: Denim Peak Lapel Blazer and jeans

Now that I've finished my denim outfit there is nothing more I want to do than jump on a plane and go somewhere with a suitcase full of t-shirts and denim. Somewhere I could sightsee, meet up with far flung friends and spend time in some fantastic restaurants with no thoughts of a pandemic and all the accompanying troubles. But alas that is not to be, at least not for a while so I will stay put and dream. How about you? feeling the same I imagine, and trying to enjoy the summer while it's here.

This all means that my crazy denim pantsuit will have to wait for an outing, both because I'm not really going anywhere plus it's a bit too warm to wear this. A perfect early fall outfit so it will have to wait. Hmmm....waiting. That seems to be the watchword of the day now, every day. Do you think there will be a huge pent up demand to do everything, see everyone, and just relax? I kind of think there will be. Meanwhile I'm sewing and sharing here and dreaming of something better.

Denim suit front view with sunglasses

There it is, both pieces worn together and I think it needs the sneakers plus a pop of pink to tone down all that speckled denim. The shades seemed necessary as well.

Here's the jacket on the dress form. The main detail on this jacket is the peak lapel, which is the pointed lapel that almost meets the collar. I had wanted to sew one of this style for ages, and found on in the Feb. 2020 Burda.

Denim blazer on form with red sleeve lining

The sewing details are in my previous two posts, where you can see the jacket pattern and quite a bit about sewing the collar and the pockets.

Here's the first blog post with details on making a muslin to check out the pattern. 

Here's the second blog post with details on sewing the collar, lapels and pockets.

Denim blazer with mn jeans front view

Alternate view taken on a different day. I think the jacket is quite wearable on it's own with solid jeans, although I rarely wear white tee shirts. They always seem like a good idea in theory but I never reach for them as I prefer to wear something colorful 99% of the time.
The jeans are the Megan Nielsen Ash jeans, which I sewed back in February when I taught one my last classes prior to the shutdown. I miss you Hello Stitch !!!!!  By the way, we are gearing up to do some more virtual classes coming up in Aug. and September so perhaps I will see you then. Any interest in a virtual class of me constructing a blazer - perhaps as a sew-along? let me know.

Denim blazer with mn jeans back view

There you can see the contrast under collar. I am really happy with this pattern and I can't wait to make it in the fall in a solid color.

Denim jeans suit 1

The jeans pattern I used for the print ones are a self-made pattern. I copied a RTW pair of jeans about 3 years ago and use that one a lot, particularly for stretch denim, and as it turned out they are really similar in size and proportion to the Ash jeans that I make. On my self-made pattern the legs are a bit wonky but they suffice, and I keep meaning to perfect but have never gotten around to it.

Although looking at the back I don't really see a problem, perhaps they could be narrower at the knees and lower leg but if I want that effect then I'll just make the Megan Nielsen ones. Yeah, I am a high waisted jeans girl and was so happy when that fashion pendulum swung that way. I have a really long lower torso so any jeans that are low waist are not for me, not comfortable and way too low for

Denim print jeans front and back

Denim blazer back on form

This denim came from Joann's last summer, I bought it with no plan in mind and thought I might make some kind of two piece outfit but nothing specific. It's a nice weight denim with a medium amount of stretch, perhaps 2% lycra?

Burda denim blazer lining view

I want to say that my mismatched patchwork lining is due to being in lockdown and no shopping but that would not be true, if you have seen other jackets I've made this is a standard feature of my sewing, such as this blazer.  I just can't deal with buying a matching lining for every project that results from my sewing whims, so I rummage through the lining box and see what pieces are large enough to cut out a lining. I usually make the body from one color and the sleeves from another.

Denim blazer peak lapel close up

Here's another look at that lovely lapel with a piece of white paper behind it one one side. The detail just disappears in this print so I must sew it again!

And a look at the inside of the jeans. I was happy to use this small remnant of a Hawaiian fabric - it complements nicely. And the inner waistband is in solid denim, a scrap from the jeans I'm wearing int the picture above. Because when I cut out this printed denim all that remained was shreds - not even enough for the inner waist. But using a solid works out well.

Print jeans inside view

Ok that's all for now. I have quite a few things I've sewn recently so you can expect a stream of blogging if I can sit myself down and concentrate :)

I hope everyone is well and making it through these strange times. I really cherish my friends and family here near me but also my far flung sewing friends, seeing what everyone is up to these days is definitely heartwarming, now more than ever.

A big thank you to everyone who comments or writes to me saying that you enjoy reading and seeing my sewing  - it means so much and I appreciate you all.

And now I have to run. Although somehow this picture makes me think of that song "Walk like an Egyptian". OK now I just watched the video, that is a time capsule!!  Every style comes around, when will that hair return? hopefully not in my lifetime :)

Denim suit side view

Happy Sewing and stay well,

Today's garden photo, here in N. California unless we go crazy with the watering the dahlias burst into color in late spring and then look a bit crispy come August - just the time when I see the east coast gardeners and their beautiful dahlia beds. This is my kind of dahlia - bold and colorful. 



  1. thelatenightsewist.comJuly 20, 2020 at 4:04 AM

    What a perfect set you have made! I envy your skills, but step by step trying to get somewhere near :)

  2. When I get an email from SunnyGal Studio Sewing, I know I'm going to have a good time reading, have a cup of tea and sit quietly in a comfortable armchair. Your posts are always very informative, full of photos and tips for making technically complex garments. I live in France and therefore for me, it is impossible to participate in the face-to-face sewing courses, but if you ever develop the online courses, I will be very happy to participate.
    Thanks also for the pictures of the beautiful flowers, gardening is also a second passion for me.

  3. Fantastic jacket! Outfit looks great with sneakers and t-shirt. How I envy your sewing skills and you are so generous to share information with us.

  4. This is a great outfit! I love how you styled it and that you can wear the pieces together or apart!

  5. A versatile suit in an amazing pattern. Your sewing skills are always top-notch.

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts. Your outfit is so versatile, separates are the 'go to' for me now, in my retired lifestyle. Unfortunately my sewing in now is devoted to 'mask making' as we are mandated to wear masks as of this coming Wednesday in Victoria, Australia as our numbers have been rising! Sam the Aussie

  7. Thank you so much for all the sewing wisdom that you share, I have learnt much reading your blog. Stay well and safe. Cheers form Sydney Australia

  8. Your suit is awesome! You look so modern and non-chalant. Love how the red lining peeks out when you roll the sleeves, great styling! Your blog is so many things to me, instructive, inspirational, funny and kind. I’ll keep coming back as long as you keep writing. (It just occurred to me that you should turn on google ads and get a bit of pocket money from all our eyeballs too... just an idea...)

  9. I like your loose suit style. Please continue to make such fun clothes! Your blog in very much appreciated. I am finding it difficult to focus and get much done, and there is so much I want to do. It is quite frustrating. So nice to come here and see what sewing you have been up to.

  10. Love. Love. Love. Every single, solitary bit about it! It's incredible and while being very unique, the jacket is super versatile too. And the outfit is CUTE together!

  11. I remember when you were working on those jeans in our class! I am feeling grateful that I had the opportunity to take in person classes with you at Hello Stitch. I think doing more online courses is a great idea. I am sure there will be people who are interested, especially if you are willing to record them so people might be able to access them on their own time. This outfit is amazing, Beth! I love that you can wear both pieces in so many different ways. We will get through this stitch at a time, right? Happy sewing!

  12. Re pent up’s already here, look at the huge rise in Covid cases in so many states. I’m in sunny Phoenix, have been in stay at home mode since March 1. Waiting, you are so right. I’m itching to go somewhere, just as you said.
    Denim outfit, I’m in love! Also in love with your Donna Karan dress, your fitting work is fabulous! I appreciate your hints on fitting oneself.