Friday, June 18, 2021

New spring dress, Burda 07/2015 No. 110

It feels so good to have a new dress finished. In the previous post I showed all kinds of pattern fitting adjustments on this pattern. A lot of my dresses are sleeveless so it's nice to have one with sleeves for a change. I really like this fabric and the color - the fabric was provided to me from Minerva and it comes in a red version too which I might try for a different style. Here's the fabric link. 


That photo encapsulates my mood - I don't want to jinx things but it seems life is getting back to normal and it's so nice to go out with friends to enjoy their company! On a very breezy and sunny afternoon.

The pattern is from an older Burda issue, July 2015. These older Burda issues from the summer months are filled with really cute dresses or tops that suit my wardrobe. I've made a couple of these gems previously, you can see here and here.

Blue poplin dress1

Here's another look at the pattern diagram. I might trace off the #102 dress in the top row as well, perhaps leaving off the sleeves or putting a small cap sleeve but that looks like it would be nice for a lightweight summer fabric as well.

Burda tech drawing July 2015

In the previous post I mentioned that I put in the zipper in the center back, but don't completely sew it, and I wait to finish it until after I attach the skirt. Bobbi commented in my last post that she wondered how I do that. Here's a photo of the back, with the zipper partially sewn in,

Blue poplin bodice back

If you look at the bottom you can see that the zipper is sewn in the center back seam except for the bottom two or three inches. I then attach the skirt pieces, it could be a style with a basic bodice, or a dress like this with a waistband, but the goal is to be able to move the skirt placement up or down a little before completing the zipper. At this point I try on the bodice, and often use a piece of elastic and some pins to see where I want the seam of the skirt to land on the back bodice. Then I sew on the skirt and sew the remaining portion of the zipper. 


That belt has been in my wardrobe for ages, I bought it as I love that color and it has gone with so many items in my wardrobe. It pays to have a consistent color palette. 

Blue poplin back on form


They don't show in any of these photos but I did put pockets. And a little confession, the belt fits but it's not super comfortable (let's blame pandemic baking :) So I made a fabric sash belt. The pattern had the option of a kind of pleated waistband or a very long double wrap sash, however I just made a 2 inch wide sash that I could tie in front. And this photo reminds me that while a lot of my plants are doing fine the succulents definitely need some attention, look at that sad spindly thing on the left. 

Poplin dress wc

So that's my most recent finished item, I am currently making some shorts using the Tatjana trousers pattern from Just Patterns. After that I have some smallish pieces of silk so perhaps some summer tops which seem to be the things I get the most use from this time of year. As it was 108º F here yesterday and today a cool and balmy 104º F. hahahah we are melting and it's only June. Trying not to think about August 😅.

Next month I'm doing a slightly different sewing class for my online class offering with Hello Stitch Studio. We have had really great success with the online classes and even when the studio opens back up we will continue to offer them. Some people have said it's the only opportunity they have to fit in a live sewing class, by doing it online. So I'm working on some ideas for fall, and most likely will do a blazer class online starting in October. If all goes well I will do it in person at the studio as well but all the scheduling is still being worked out. My first in-person class will be in September and will be a beginner class, so if you have some friends that admire your sewing or wish they could learn send 'em our way! Oh, now I realize I didn't say what the July class will be, it's going to be a Sew Lab - which is the only name I could think for it. But it will be a "help you with whatever you are working on" class. So deciphering cryptic instructions, troubleshooting fabrics, fitting help, zipper dilemmas, I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability. 

So that's the latest. We are hoping for a cool down this weekend, to a chilly 90º ha ha.  The bay area is so strange, at the coast it can be 40º lower that here in the inland area, and by yet miles it's only about 18 miles from SF to my house. And it's not officially Summer yet!! Microclimates everywhere. 


Have a great weekend! Happy Sewing,

today's garden photo is my newest plant discovery, which is Clarkia. I think it's clarkia amoena. I happened across a 6-pack of these at the plant nursery a few months ago and gave them a try. Oo I hope they seed themselves because they are so nice. And of the 6 plants there were a peachy white combo, pink streaked with rose, white and pink, and then that one luscious rose red. These will definitely have a place in my garden next year, just like fabric I will always choose the bright and colorful. Plus one of the nicknames is Farewell to Spring which seems very appropriate right now. 



  1. The dress is beautiful, and I love the flowers.

  2. You look so pretty in your new dress! Needless to say, the construction is flawless.

  3. This dress is fabulous and suits you so well! In fact, I think it is my personal favourite of the ones you have shown on the blog. It's a great shape on you and the colour is perfect. I love the tiered skirt - very fresh.

  4. Love this make, it looks fabulous on you. And very pretty flowers.... Funny your mention of the weather...on the other side of the world we are having a lovely cold early winter, after a few not very cold ones I'm really enjoying being cold and not sweating through a hot summer.

  5. That dress is supremely flattering on you. Love the fabric. Love the color. Now to dig through my Burda stash to see if I have this issue...

  6. Such a pretty dress and it looks so nice on you. Great pictures. Your version looks so different from the Burda magazine version, I did not recognize it.