Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrate the 70's week with SunnyGal Studio Giveaways

The 70's - A wild and weird decade for fashion and for society.  It's time for a giveaway (or 3) to celebrate some blog milestones and I have decided to highlight this decade.  2 years of blogging - past that in February. 100 posts, past that two weeks ago.  200 followers, past that earlier this year.  Wonderful new friends, lots! Meetups, several that have lasted way longer than anticipated while we talked about all things sewing and life.

To thank the sewing blogosphere - my 70's theme giveaway. Note that I started sewing around age 8, so I have been at it for a long while and the 70's, overlapping in part with my teenage years, influenced my style and maybe explain my fondness for bold patterns.  I have collected a few 70's items and once again I find there is nothing new in fashion, or to paraphrase my mother, "hold onto that, it will come back in style."  She is so right.

First giveaway is a Simplicity Sewing book, published in 1972. What else could it be with this freaky image on the cover. Surreal, no? Obviously they were playing with photo editing back then, check out her ring finger morphing into the yellow scissors.  Could you imagine a book with this image on the store shelf today?  Despite the fun/crazy cover, it is 256 pages of totally useful sewing info. I think these old books were less concerned with the look and style of the pages, and more inclined to cram the  publications full of every possible fact.  Zippers, sleeves, collars, tailoring, fitting (including pants) buttonholes, stitches, pockets, pressing, and creative extras including embroidery and crochet. Some of my favorite chapter titles:"Bias? On Grain? We'll explain" "A Shirtdress, No less"  "Press now - or pay later"  sounds ominous but helpful.

Simplicity Sewing book cover

If you are wondering what a 70's interior looks like, they include this dreamy sewing room.

Simplicity book sewing room
Perhaps the yellow walls plus print linoleum are a bit much, but the amount of storage and light are great, I could use this space in a heartbeat. Plus with that wall phone you can talk and sew :)

Because it is a Simplicity book, they are in the business of selling sewing patterns and it includes a few color pages of garments. Strangely they do not include pattern numbers but I suppose at the time you could run to the pattern book to find the #. They also mention the Simplicity Fashion News, a free publication you could get at the store.  Does anyone else remember these? I do, they were mini-magazine type booklets with the latest patterns made up, a marketing tool that my 12 year old self would bring home and study for inspiration.

The fashions, once more proving my point that everything comes around again.

Simplicity book page1
Color blocking, so popular now.  Little red dress, bias cut, timeless.

Simplicity book page2
Structured neckline and hot brights, love it.  Asian influence - see Burda Feb 2012 issue.

Simplicity book page4
Striped knit T-shirt - wardrobe staple. Pants with interesting pockets, check out my pal Shams.

Simplicity book page3
The outfit on the right is tragic 
but the denim skirt on the left is cute, current and would fit right in my wardrobe.

Simplicity book page 6
Some things should stay out of style, Crocheted Vests I am talking to you!

Simplicity bookpage5
Pages of how-to sewing instruction with very clear photos.

Now you want to make your own 70's style outfit and need to get your hands on this book, right?

Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for this book and check back during week for two more 70's inspired giveaways.  I will have a separate blog post and drawing for each item and announce all the winners at the beginning of next week.  This book is awesome, I know, but as they say on the late night infomercials, there's more!  A pattern giveaway, a secret something from my sewing machine, and a look at a couple of (let's call them vintage, not old) photos of me wearing my creations from the decade.  And if you were sewing in the 70's I would love to hear about it.

Are you feeling Groovy?   Far out!     Right on!    Happy Sewing, Beth


  1. lol. I used to have this sewing book. I probably still do, somewhere, so I don't need it. But congrats on your important milestones!

  2. What an amazing book! I love it. I would love to be in the giveaway if you're posting internationally. I love that wall phone - hilarious!

  3. That looks like a great book. The little red dress is lovely.

  4. It is amazing that fashions do come around again. It is just hard to know what things to hold onto and which to let go. I would love to have this book for my collection. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. This looks like a great book - I particularly love the neckline on the yellow dress. Super cool!

  6. Would you believe I watch reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore show to get design ideas from the 70's?

  7. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I would kill for that sewing room too, what a fantastic amount of storage space.
    You and I have a lot in common, as well as our love for Vogue patterns we have both been sewing clothes for ourselves since the age of 8, coincidence, yes?
    (no entry for me either, thanks :) )

  8. It's like the scissors ate her finger. Poor thing.
    However, these 70's books have the best sewing tips, I have been wanting to own one for ever.
    Happy blogiversary.

  9. Oh what a great book! It's worth it for the icy ute of the seeing room alone but I bet the sewing info is even better. I would love to have it! And congrats on your celebrations and thanks for an truly inspiring blog!

  10. Love some of the seventies fashion. Especially the big afro's lol

  11. Congrats on two years and over 200 followers.

    I would love to have this book to go through for inspiration and tips.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. This looks like a great book! I especially love the title "Press now - or pay later". Actually that's one of my most important mottos of all! Said that I'd ask you no entering me to the giveaway because I live far away from you. Congratulations on your blogging and celebrations!!

  13. Groovy......I also started sewing when I was 8. Won't say how long I've been sewing, but it is a long time!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Oh My Beth! What a wonderful book. It appears to be full of fabulous information. And that sewing room is great (minus the color and floor). g

  15. Orange bell bottom jeans, converse sneakers, riding my banana seat bike...Ahh the 70's.

  16. What a Cool series!!! I just love the 70's even though I barely made being born in it. I have this book so please don't enter me but I'm looking forward to your next posts!!! BTW, that sewing room is real cool as to be expected in such a cool era!!!

  17. Thanks for this giveaway! My mailadress is

  18. Amazing! I love the red bias cut dress.

  19. I still have that book somewhere! One of the first sewing books I bought, lol

  20. Oh, you shouldn't have shown this. I was about to give my copy away to my brother-in-law who wants to take up sewing. I am obviously now about to keep it.