Sunday, July 8, 2012

Skirt Giveaway to "Wrap Up" Celebrate the 70"s

It's a wrap!  For Celebrate the 70's week, a nod to one of the most popular fashion trends of that decade.  The DVF wrap dress was introduced in 1973, and probably launched a million versions of that iconic dress, reinterpreted in skirts, dresses, and tops.

So for the final giveaway of 70's week, a wrap skirt.  Please leave a comment below and I will send the skirt to a random winner. Let me know what you think about wrap dresses/skirts.  Easy to wear or potential wardrobe malfunction?  I can come down on both sides of that issue.
The fabric for this skirt is something I found in my stash, I think it is a cotton-linen blend, in a black and white kind of twill weave. Or maybe a  lightweight denim weave, I am not sure but it behaves like linen.
Wrap skirt front1

Wrap skirt button closeup

I used this pattern which I found at a garage sale. I would come home with armfuls if I did find them since they are often around 25 cents so it is lucky they are scarce. I made the version in the center, and the finished skirt measurements are as follows:  waist measure when skirt is buttoned, 29.5 inches. and skirt length from bottom of waistband is 21".  Note you can move the buttons a bit to change the waist measurement.  I decided not to hem the skirt, so the edge is serged and the giveaway winner can hem to their liking. 
S2111 70's skirt pattern
A small sewing detail are the tabs on the waistband that provide the skirt closure.  I interfaced one side of those pieces, since they would be getting buttonholes, and then drew on the stitching lines with chalk. For any points or angles like this I like to draw with chalk, so that the stitching at the machine is easy-peasy. 
Skirt tabs1
However, for the center angle on these tabs, I don't sew those at the 45º angle that is specified because there is almost no way that I can turn that corner and get a crisp point. At the apex of that tab I do one or two short horizontal stitches, and then turn and continue the angle. On the left I did a sample in muslin to show the stitching, and then the finished and turned tab.

Skirt tabs2
A comparison of the tabs, muslin and fabric.  I think the skirt fabric one came out better, and that one had one stitch across the top, so maybe that is the answer. It depends on the fabric and stitch length. I always think on these small details a bit of practice and experimentation on scraps pays off.

Skirt tabs3
So leave a comment and if this skirt is not your size - you can have a ready made gift for someone who pesters you to sew something for them !
International is OK, (if you don't mind ordinary and not speedy US mail)
For my previous posts on the 70's and the other giveaways which are still open here are the links. I will draw for all recipients later this week, on Thursday 7/12.
Here is today's SunnyGal garden photo - did I show this one already?  No matter, as the gardenias bloom all summer and the scent is fantastic. 
Happy Summer Sewing, Beth

Gardenia June12


  1. It is so beautifully made. In an aside, I envy Karen (Did you make that?) for her golden opportunity to apprentice w/ you. I've learned so much from reading both your blogs. Thanks!

  2. OMG, I used to have that pattern, Beth, and I sewed it up back in high school. You are making me feel really old!

    And I'm not!

    Am I? ;)

  3. What a generous giveaway - The skirt is exactly my daughter's size - and she can sure use this.

  4. That is a darling skirt pattern and I love your version. Thanks for the tip about the points. Will come in very useful. Your gardenias are so pretty. g

  5. Lovely skirt and oh so practical. I love wrap skirts!! Very comfortable and easy to iron. Just finished making one last week as a matter of fact...but could I use a black bet especially one with such nice details.

    thanks for such a nice opportunity,

  6. I like wrap skirts and this one is very pretty. I like the feature of tabs at the waistband. You are lucky to find such a nice pattern at a yard sale. I am usually not so fortunate. You are very generous to offer this as a giveaway prize.

  7. Love the fabric you've used in your wrap skirt. Gorgeous gardenia!!

  8. This skirt is gorgeous! I would love to win it. I love wrap skirts.

  9. The waist detailing is my favourite feature.

  10. What a lovely skirt. I love those tabs. Sadly, I don't have that size waist. Good luck to the entrants!

  11. Such a lovely skirt! I am sure it would be so versatile in that colour and fabric. And how generous of you to give it away!

  12. I loved wrap skirts and made a few in the 70's. The one you made is just beautiful!

  13. Love the skirt, and thanks for the tip re: the points on the tabs! Also good to know the buttons can be moved a bit to change the waist size, or maybe this skirt could inspire me to lose a half inch from my waist - :)
    Love your blog, it's so inspirational! Kitty

  14. What a cute skirt! I'm not usually a fan of wrap skirts, but this closure is different than anything I've seen before. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I love the version you did with the wrap look. The waistband detail looks really good, perfect corners or no.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  16. Wow! What a generous give-away. I would love a chance to win it. I think I will need to adjust the buttons a bit ;) I like wrap skirts if they wrap enough to not cause a malfunction, especially when the wind blows LOL


  17. You are so generous to be giving away this lovely skirt! (although please do not include me, I know from experience how horrendous the postage is! :))
    Thanks so much for your kind words, and in reply "skittles" is another word for "pins" as in 10 pin bowling. We call them by both words here, but skittles is the English term :) "Not all beer and skittles", means that one did not necessarily have an easy fun time of it :)

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  19. It's very kind of you to give this beautifully sewn skirt away.

  20. Oooh, looks very bikeable--please throw my hat in the ring. It's gorgeous!

  21. Wow, beautiful skirt! Nicely done.

  22. Your wrap skirt looks like a great tailored item.

  23. Very pretty skirt! Thank you for the tip re: the tabs -- it is always a challenge to get a crisp point.

  24. I love A-line skirts and wraps ;O) The fabric you chose is great. Thanks for the tip on the crisp corner. I read on a Nancy Zieman book that for crisp corners you should continue to one end then fold it and start sewing again on the other side...I don't know if it would work in this case though.