Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Hit Wonder # 2, Simplicity 2588

Time for another of my one-hit-wonders, a dress I made in a hurry and only wore once. Simplicity 2588, which is a very cute Project Runway pattern.  Detour to discuss:  anyone else prepared for disappointment regarding tonight's premiere of PR?  The last few seasons have been something of a letdown, never quite hitting the heights of some early seasons and don't get me started on the All Star version, mostly a waste of time. Here's hoping that they have found some people with actual talent and sewing experience to make it interesting.  As for the Project Runway patterns from Simplicity . . .? I don't see any connection other than a branding opportunity, although I often find nice styles. They seem undifferentiated from the rest of their patterns.

Enough editorializing for now, what about the dress? Hanging lonely and unworn in my closet. Here is why I should plan better for wardrobe basics.  A wedding to go to, 5pm ceremony, outdoors, cocktails on a patio at a hilltop winery, dinner indoors after, October, could be warm, more likely chilly, could be freezing . . . Get the drift?  Perfect opportunity for a nice 2-piece outfit, maybe a fitted sheath dress and coat in a wool crepe. I do have one in my closet, but not quite fitting at that time, dress a little tight in the hips.  So I will wear a dressy black jacket I have to ward off the potential chill.  What dress?  How about this black/pink floral fabric. I rarely wear black. Not really black, it's a print. Always wanted to make S2588. Quickly cut out and sew up. Seems to fit OK. Finish pressing, get dressed and go. And then all evening wished I was wearing a full length coat as it was more than a bit cool - it was absolutely, autumnally freezing!

S2588 too big

This dress didn't fit all that well when I finished it, and I find now that it is way too big.  I was thinking about doing some refashioning but why bother- I don't really like it, the print seems a bit frumpy to me and obscures the seaming details. The only things I like about it are the neckline and sleeves, they have a nice shape. 

S2588 dress patternS2588 floral front neckline

I appreciate all the lovely comments on my previous one-hit-wonder. Many commentors said that one did deserve some more wearings, and I agree. It has many of my favorite dress features (sleeveless, bright silk fabric) but I think this one is going in the donation box.

Edited on 7/20/12:  I just realized I had made this pattern previously, actually that version I like better, in a solid color.  Here is that blog post. Scroll down to see the Simplicity dress.

On the drive home that evening I decided I needed a new coat, one that fufilled at least 3 requirements, those being 1) works with formal clothes  2) keeps me warm  3) a neutral color that will go with any outfit.  Based on that resolution I made this black wool coat and in the 2 years since it has been a great wardrobe addition. While it is the height of a very hot summer here in North America perhaps it is time to start planning your own winter coat.  If you click over to that post I have lots of details on coat and lapel construction.

Coat collar up side

I have had a well-loved and frequently worn garment result from a sudden whim but I think on balance the planned items such as the coat work out better.

We are not done yet with the one-hit-wonders, there are more of these languishing in my wardrobe.  

Lipstick roseToday's SunnyGal garden photo, a rose to match my floral dress.  I think the name of this rose is Lipstick (although that could be a different one)  Love this color and it is a good repeat bloomer too!     Happy Summer Sewing, Beth


  1. Wow, it is too big for you! I agree, it's ok, but I've seen you in much cuter dresses. Someone else will be thrilled with it. I like to think of it as "blessing others."

    I, too, am looking forward to PR tonight and fully expect to be disappointed. I'll watch it anyway, at least for awhile.

  2. I have no insight into how this season of Project Runway is going to shape up, despite working for Mood. All I know is that the designers are all unique...

  3. I know someone will really love the dress. It is very pretty. I'll be joining you in watching Project Runway. I've already warned my boys they will have to relinquish control of the TV tonight. Your flowers are gorgeous. I always love seeing pictures of them.

  4. Your coat is absolutely wonderful and I can see why it is a firm favourite. I would love to know the pattern you used too? :)

  5. I too think someone will be thrilled to be thrifted with your beautiful dress. My sister, who has stuck to quilting since having a traumatic garment sewing experience back in high school, recently asked for my help sewing a dress. And this is the pattern she picked. I am happy to see the shape and style is very attractive. I think she will be very pleased with her dress, if I can successfully help her through the fitting issues.

  6. It certainly sounds like you should donate this dress. The other dress (Butterick 4978) however you should definitely find more occasions to wear. It looks great! If I saw you wearing it a second time I would most likely merely compliment you on it again.

  7. It is a pretty dress, so I know someone will absolutely love it! I actually lost interest in PR -- I was addicted during the first couple of seasons, but the more recent shows weren't all that interesting. I did see the show last Thursday, though ...

  8. You set the standard so high with nearly all your clothes so I can see why you realise that this does not match that level. Glad you got a really useful coat out of the episode!
    Kind regards

  9. I agree to ditch this one--don't waste your time correcting Simplicity's Ease of Doom. The coat is lovely! I usually make a jacket or coat every year but didn't last year. I hope that doesn't mean I have to make two this year, though I actually have two on the list.

  10. Too bad the dress does not work for you. But the coat is beautiful. It is time to start thinking about winter. It will soon be fall.