Friday, February 28, 2014

Burda 6990 raglan sleeve knit top

More pattern love for Burda. What is happening to me? I am becoming a convert to their patterns after using maybe 2 or 3 during my whole sewing lifetime. But after I made this blue coat from the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook for myself and then made this coat using an envelope pattern, not to mention my Burda # 106 jacket I am starting to see the light regarding Burda. Who knows what will be next?  Although I do have quite a few Vogue patterns lined up in my queue so it will be a mix this spring.

As for this one, it is a simple raglan sleeve knit t-shirt, kind of a baseball jersey style and the fit was great. I decided to use a couple of rayon jersey scraps to test out the pattern and the result was perfect.

raglan tee Burda

Here is the pattern envelope. I actually went to the store intending to buy a different pattern,  Burda 6910  which is a new pattern, very similar with a slightly wider neckline, and ruching on the side seams. It also has both dress and top versions which is nice. It was out of stock so I got this one instead, Burda 6990 which is very similar. Don't be surprised if I get that out of stock one sometime soon, once I get a pattern in my mind it is a compulsion, I must buy it!

Burda 6990 envelope
I used size 38, and changed the neckline finishing a bit. The instructions were quite weird as they have you turn and press a 3/8" edge, stitch and then sew a ribbon around that edge on the inside to finish. ?? I have never seen that before and I guarantee that will end up with a wonky neckline, plus how to get it over your head? Maybe I wasn't reading it right but in any case I saw no reason to fool around with that. I used my favorite t-shirt neckline method and cut a crossgrain strip to make the neck edge. My advice is to measure on the stitching line your neckline circumference, and then cut a strip that length, and plan on making a half inch seam at the center back. So you end up stretching it a tiny bit all around and have a neck band measuring one inch less than the opening.  Watch this video on the Threads website for a really good explanation and give it a try. 

Burda tee closeup neck

The top may look a little droopy on my dressform but I decided to try to add some ruching at the center waist rather like the pattern I had intended to buy. So I spread my pattern to add some to the front pattern piece only. It worked out OK, but I think I will add a bit more next time and run the gathers in a longer section. 

Burda raglan tee length change

We are in the midst of a big rainstorm, Finally!  and everyone is thrilled. Water water everywhere - although not anywhere enough to reverse our bad drought.  Big garden news, that fluffy white cat who has made a daytime home in my yard actually caught the gopher yesterday and I intervened to put the poor little thing out of its misery. Also my misery as I hope a gopher will not be depleting my flower beds for a while, at least until the next one finds its way here. 
Today's SunnyGal garden photo, a lovely two-color daffodil to coordinate with my two-color top.

white daffodils

Happy weekend sewing, Beth


  1. Great wardrobe builder... I recently found a love for burda. Last two makes were great if you ignore instructions.

  2. I just finished the same exact top, I totally agree, it's a great pattern. What ever it is, Burda's draft seems to work really well for me.

  3. I like their patterns too. I also got the one you missed :) just need to trace it off as I want to make the dress at some point too!

    The instructions though?? Bleh. I was hopeful as I had seen all sorts of reviews praising the instructions. I can only machine they mean in comparison to the magazine because...yeah. Not do good.

    But they are nice and modern and fit well!

  4. I like the Burda 6910 pattern. It reminds me of Striped Shirt 122 on the cover of the 1/2014 Burda Style magazine, which I intend to try. It has raglan sleeves, ruching on one side, and is tunic length. You might want to check it out, if you haven't seen it, as I believe you will like it, based on your affection for 6910. By the way, I am glad that you didn't let the cat torture the gopher to death, as I, too, find Mother Nature at little too harsh sometimes.

  5. I love Burda, I'm glad it's working for you too! What a nice top.

    I think I've seen the ribbon finish on a RTW t shirt but only on the back neckline.

  6. Love the raglan top. You've inspired me. Making one for my nephew and afterwards, one for myself. :)

  7. The sleeves on this raglan top is it cut on the fold? I am looking for a raglan pattern with no seam down the middle of the sleeve.

  8. I've been a Burda fan for a while, so nice to see that you are becoming a convert! These patterns fit me so much better than the Vogue/McCalls/Butterick patterns. Looks like a great basic top pattern. Poor gopher!

  9. I love this top! I am not a fan of wider necklines on me and like this one much better! I want this pattern and thanks for the great tip on the neckline binding, it's a great training video!

  10. That pattern is great and that kind of top with ranglan sleeve is a classic, and really like the colours you used!

  11. Choice wording of "intervene" wrt the gopher - one can only imagine! *shiver*
    I do like the raglan, the blue is fabulous!